There is a popular truism that “Change is the most constant thing in life” but probably truer than that is the fact that “Crisis is as constant as (if not more than) change”. This may sound like a paradox but a critical reflection will provide convincing discussions during this course.

Preparing for a crisis is not a luxury; it is actually a necessity. As individuals or professionals, we all know the odds are high that our personal lives or businesses will (definitely) suffer a disaster or crisis at some point. However, it is unacceptable for anyone to excuse or resign himself to fate due to sheer unpreparedness.

This comprehensive course provides up-to-date assessments and knowledge on issues that affect individuals, their organizations and societies - such as cyber security, supply chain, terrorism, pandemic, DR trends, emergency response, leadership, data breach, communications, news media, social media — from the experts involved with these efforts. It also examines strategies for job and career improvement during and after crisis. Delegates on this course will have the opportunity to interact with our lecturers and with peers from industry, academia, and government.

By the end of the course, delegates will have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to benchmark, assess, and improve their personal and business continuity plans, disaster recovery, and crisis management program. This includes the course manual (print and/or e-files), templates, and current articles.

Delegates would gain valuable contacts, have plenty of networking opportunities, and acquire insights for immediate implementation.

This course will explore various models of EQ, the ethics of incorporating EI assessments and training in various situations, criticisms of the EQ concept and components of EI, and how to strengthen delegates’ own Emotional Intelligence. By learning about EQ, delegates can better determine whether or not their businesses or companies would benefit from EQ classes, learn how to strengthen their own EI skills, and understand the relationship between personality and Emotional Intelligence as well as the role that EI plays in those with personality or relationship disorders.

Microsoft Excel provides an enormous number of efficient formulas along with helping professionals to gather, audit and  manage their data. The primary groupings are financial, logical, text, date and time, lookup and reference, mathematical and trigonometry, statistical, engineering, cube, and file-related information.
This is a tailor made course for the employees of Nigerian Bottling Company Limited. The relevant topics and learning outcomes are as agreed between NBC and the ISM Lagos. Offered in blended delivery, the course has been designed to rely on both theoretical tutoring and professional experiential learning. 
While most of Excel courses focus only on the functionality of the the formula, our faculty at the ISM Lagos teaches through hands-on contextual examples designed to emphasize why those formulas are awesome and how they can be applied in a variety of scenarios.
This course will give delegates a deep understanding of the advanced formulas and their functions in ways that transform Excel from a basic spreadsheet programme into a dynamic and very intelligent analytical tool. 

It is a common perception that some leaders are better at communicating than others. So in some ways, being an effective communicator has ways of strengthening and influencing the success of a leader.
Through several examples, case study discussion, class exercises and simulations, this course demonstrates that compelling communication skills and strategies are very formidable tools for achieving success by leaders from different fields of specialisation and walks of life.
The course examines the role of charisma, authenticity, and credibility in exuding effective leadership presence and discuss how verbal, vocal, and visual cues can all make a difference.
Students of this new and innovative course will discover the obstacles that can block their ability to be truly expressive and, most importantly, how to overcome such obstacles.  
This is a highly specialized four (4) weeks programme that combines strategic insights, personal leadership skills, and a powerful network to accelerate career development and maximum personal impacts.