Professional Executive MBA

This programme Mastering Business Administration (MBA) created and delivered by faculty at the International School of Management (ISM) London as a bespoke executive development training course is a continuous learning and management development process, not a product, for professionals across different disciplines, cadres or levels and specializations but it requires some professional experience and limited exposures to maximize its benefits.  However, the modules and learning outcomes of the MBA are similar to that of a professional Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree.

The MBA also serves as a refresher course for those who already earned or were unable to complete their academic degrees or those with experiences in business administration or related fields but need to update their knowledge and experiences based on the most recent research and professional practices in management and administration.

Superior Business Writing, Effective Communication & Presentation Skills

Every interaction, personal and business connections or relationships  survive mostly on the effectiveness of how people transfer and share what is being thought or taught, offered or wanted. It is more about how well people share what is intended than about the intention itself. Good intentions often turn awry when poorly communicated. 

 Being able to communicate effectively is a necessary and perhaps most vital part of every aspect of life and of business management professional’s job. This course is designed to improve delegate’s communication skills through a variety of modes and methods.

 During both planned and spontaneous situations, it is especially important or perhaps challenging for many people to communicate accurate information clearly to the target audience. In order to achieve effectiveness, individuals and professionals often look for someone who can communicate valuable guidance, provide leadership, and lead them in problem solving functions. Business managers and leaders skilled at communication stand better chance of success in their roles than those who are not. They relate well with all stakeholders and reassure them of their interests while enjoying the cooperation and support of both internal and external parties.

 Finely tuned communication skills are also important tools during both planning and execution phases of business strategy and critical operations. The communications skills taught on this training course help people to communicate appropriately and clearly in any situation.

Intermediate Certificate in General Management & Strategy

General Management is a comprehensive approach to driving Change, Innovation and  Growth in business; while Strategy is a core aspect of that approach, which connects the stages, resources, skills and alternatives available for building robust plan (including implementation) of actions and specific choices that focus on predetermined outcomes.   

Designed as a week long (7 days) of experiential learning and activities that involves the most critical aspects of business, this Micro Course gives a feel of the fit-for-purpose Asynchronous but tutor-led, action based and interactive learning methodology of the International School of Management (ISM) Lagos delivered via the Online Campus Nigeria (OCN).

This learning involves many aspects of business, its management and personal/professional skills requisite for success and sustainable excellent results.  It focuses on concepts and practices developed as working guide for kneel-jerking responses to a market shake-up and uncertainty such as the whole world now experiences about the new workplace arrangements, practices and productivity.

This course is ideal for individuals who have at least minimum foundational work experience/practical exposure with which they can function within the discussions to exchange professional opinions, query assumptions and reconcile perspectives. It is a dialogic discourse and a taste of the ISM Lagos' unique methodology of delivering a truly effective and totally interactive online learning that also offers learners the opportunity to discover and cultivate new personal habits.