Strategic Human Resources Management: February 2021

It is now a cliché that employees are among the firm’s most valued assets; both theory and practice agree on this assertion. Despite that, many practitioners are yet to be mindful of this truism when making decisions that affect employees, human resource practice and functions. Studies have shown that human resources remain one of the firm’s most vital, irreplaceable, and difficult to manage resources. Increasingly, researchers are arguing that effective management of human resources is one of the few ways by which firms can gain long-term, sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, there is a rising need for organisations and their HR managers to become more aware of the strategic implications of people management.

Advanced Leadership Development & People Management Skills: December 2020

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”  ....Maria Robinson

This all time and inalienable truth stands for everyone, every being and every company out there in every space and market.

Despite the dramatic consequences of the recent events following the economic down-turn witnessed by most developed and developing countries; there have been a number of positive food-for-thought experiences in the way we deal with both capital and even more so, relationships and the human resources nowadays. This reminds us that all the choices we take surely have repercussions on ourselves and other people, whether from a financial or more importantly a human management standpoint.

While giants of various industries have been dragged out to face their decisions, it is with no doubt that we can affirm the following facts; that people are now well aware that capital driven ambitions was not and will no longer be enough to achieve the sustainability of any given business model. There would never be a time when people and relationships would be less valuable than capital assets, no matter their monetary values.

And it is now; right now that things are taking place, now that we stand up for our values on grounds that represent the basis and foundations of our future and the new world. Together new possibilities can be reached and a legacy not only left behind, but a goal to reach and sustain based on the life we now lead.