Positive Influencing Skills - October

Achieving objectives in today’s complex workplace of counteracting objectives and approaches depends a lot on the way and how soon professionals get the help, co-operation and commitment of their colleagues who they must work with. This programme will introduce techniques that can be used to improve individuals' personal influencing skills and will provide opportunity for people to work on the real challenges that they face every day in their work places.

Based on a fine balance of theory and experience and using convincing storytelling, constructive critiquing and dialogue, this course develops in students some powerful but fair approaches for having their ways with most people almost all the times. Through practice sessions, video simulations and role-playing activities, students acquire the specific skills, behaviors and attitudes necessary to achieve desired results without relying on the use of authority, deception or manipulation.

This course includes the introduction of and guidance on practical skills and tools for gaining the cooperation of others and bringing them around to one’s way of thinking – without resorting to force. The primary objective of positive influencing skills course is to boost individual effectiveness, professional impact and personal credibility in team leads and managers of departments or strategic business units.